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How to make chocolate sandwich cookie?

Sandwich cookie, is also known as sandwich biscuit, is a delicious biscuit snack for all ages. Sandwich biscuits usually consist of two layers of biscuits,

How to make Danish pastry at home?

Do you know a simple way to make Danish pastry at home? Let’s talk about the origin of Danish pastry first. Judging by the name of

Cookie maker machine sold to Singapore

The cookie making machine extrudes the dough through the mold, and can make cookies of different shapes by changing different molds. The machine is popular with customers in Singapore due to its large production output and diverse production forms.

How to use a rotary oven?

Considering that many customers who buy a biscuit machine and rotary oven do not know how to use a biscuit baking machine, this article focuses on the use and precautions of the oven.

Pillow packing machine sold to India

Pillow packing machine is an automatic packaging machine. It can packs biscuit, cookie, wafer biscuit, chocolate, bread, medicine, moon cake, hardware, industrial part and so on.

What are different types of biscuits?

There are many kinds, types, brands of different biscuits, you may feel difficult to pick one in the supermarket. For example, we usually call some