How to use a rotary oven?

Rotary oven is a medium-sized baking equipment. Rotary oven uses a variety of different energy sources to heat the combustion chamber, sends hot air into the furnace through a heat exchanger and a fan, and then cooks the food in the oven. Because it is heated by hot air, it is also called “hot air rotary oven“. This equipment is suitable for large-volume production. It can bake biscuit, cookie, bread, toast, French stick, moon cake, small cake, puff and various meat, dry seafood and many other food.

Advantages of rotary oven

  1. The baking range is wide, the output is large, and the product color is clear.
  2. Adopt imported burner, full combustion, long service life and high thermal efficiency.
  3. High security, the circuit is internally closed, IC microcomputer control.
  4. The use of high-quality steel and insulation materials, the structure is safe and reliable, and the equipment failure rate is low.

How to use a rotary oven?


1. Check the amount of diesel oil in the oil reservoir before starting up. If the quantity of diesel oil is insufficient, replenish it. After the replenishment is completed, let the diesel clarify in the oil reservoir for a short time.

2. Check and clean the filter in the cup, and clean up the residue on the screen.

3. Open the oil inlet valve and check the closing of the furnace door.

4. Turn on the main power of the equipment, start the rotary switch, and check the rotation of the equipment.

5. Turn on the combustion switch of the equipment. When the combustion indicator is displayed, it proves that the burner starts to work normally.

6. According to the production requirements of the required product, determine the baking time and temperature of the product, and adjust it through temperature control and time control.

7. Determine whether the equipment burner and heat transfer fan are normal according to the temperature of the oven.

8. When the temperature meets the production requirements, open the furnace door, adjust the direction of the hook to the entry position of the grill car, and push the grill car into the grill.


9. After confirming that the grill is fixed, turn on the rotary switch and observe the rotation of the grill. If there is no abnormality, close the furnace door.

10. During the production process, you can turn on the lighting and observe the progress of the cake baking by observing the glass.

11. After the baking time is reached, the device’s automatic alarm will automatically turn on to notify the operator to perform the operation.

12. Turn off the rotary switch, baking timer switch and combustion switch, open the oven door, pull the oven out, and close the oven door at the same time.

13. After the production finishes, clean up all parts of the equipment and turn off the power of the equipment.

14. In the production process, if equipment failure occurs, you can consider replacing the oven according to the actual product baking situation and continue baking to reduce product loss. 

Notes for use

1. Before and after production, add diesel to the oil reservoir. However, in the production process, diesel oil must not be replenished, otherwise, the slag in the diesel oil cannot be effectively clarified and the combustion of the burner is affected.

2. Clean the screen and the screen in the cup every shift; clean the screen and the nozzle in the oil pump every week to ensure clean, otherwise it will affect the combustion effect of the burner.

3. Regularly check the tightness of the belt of the transmission device and replace it with a loose belt, otherwise the roasting car will rotate unsteadily during the rotation. Affect the baking effect.

4. During the production process, operators must wear labor protection articles to avoid being burned.

5. The baking car is hung on the hook to ensure the stability of the baking car. At the same time, check whether the baking pan is detached from the baking car. If there is, adjust it. Otherwise, the baking tray will be stuck in the oven, and the baking cart will not rotate normally, which will affect the baking effect of the product.

6. After the production is finished, the equipment must be cleaned and the sanitation inside the furnace must be cleaned.

7. Regular cleaning debris in the combustion chamber and air duct. Otherwise it will seriously affect the use of the equipment.

8. Add gear oil to the reducer regularly, and add high-temperature grease to the hook bearings every month.

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