Cookie maker machine sold to Singapore

The cookie maker machine is a biscuit maker that produces cookies. It’s a typical food processing machine that widely applied to bread shops, dessert shops, bakery, coffee shops, and so on. The cookie machine can squeeze the dough like squeezing cream by molds, and then the formed dough is sent to the oven. The oven bakes the dough and finally get the cooked delicious cookies. Our cookie machine can produce thousands of cookies with different shapes by changing the molds. We accept customization of molds of customers to make the shape you like.

In recent years, the proportion of snack food in people’s daily consumption is getting higher and higher. And people continue to try new and advanced biscuit or cookies. Cookie maker machines are evergreens in food machinery. Our cookie maker machine is very welcomed by customers from Pakistan, Singapore, America, Russia, Mexico, Chile, El Salvador, South Africa and so on.  

Cookie maker machine sold to Singapore

In November 2019, a customer from Singapore sent us inquiry about cookie machines. He was a local food producer and needed to buy 3 sets cookie maker machine and 2 sets rotary oven. We recommended our automatic cookie machine to him and introduced the machine in detail. After a week of communication, this customer was basically satisfied with our machine. But he still doubted about the specific material of our machine. In order to eliminate this customer’s doubt, we made a video call with him at the factory. We showed him the quality inspection logo on the steel plate of the fuselage.

Maybe it’s because our video call communication was very enthusiastic, or the scale of our factory was very large and spectacular, or it might be that the material of our machine really meets his needs, this customer decided to buy from us immediately after this video call. He decided to purchase 3 sets cookie maker machine and 2 sets rotary oven from us. We soon received his deposit and immediately started stocking him.

Now, his has received his item. Because he has sufficient experience, there are no major problems in the installation. He told us that the material of the device is very satisfactory to him. What’s more, he expects that the device will be officially put into use in March of this year.

What are the advantages of our cookie machine?

1. Our cookie machine adopts LCD touch panel and PLC control device. The transmission part uses servo motor, user can easily operate this machine because of its high automation, intelligence and efficiency. 

2. The whole cookie maker machine is made of high quality of stainless steel and aluminum, which is resistant to corrosion or abrasion, and easy to clean. 

3. Our cookie maker machine is easy to disassemble and assemble, you can quickly change the squeeze mold by your own. 

4. Our cookie machine can produce various kinds of cookies to suit marketing demands.

5. This cookie maker machine is equipped with wire cutting device, can make chip cookie.

6. The squeeze mold can rotate, instead of artificial twisting, to improve product accuracy and yield. 

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