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Cookie biscuit machine is a forming machine to process dough into cookie biscuit. Our cookie biscuit machine adopts PLC electric control system, uses the internal pair of rollers to extrude the dough to produce a variety of unique fancy cookie biscuits. In addition, the squeezing mold is changeable.

We mainly have two types of cookie making machine, one is semi-automatic machine, another is an automatic machine. The semi-automatic one has smaller size, smaller capacity. Also, it needs human operation to control the in and out of pallet. The automatic one has bigger size and capacity, which both has squeezing and cutting function. Thus it’s an automatic and multifunctional one. Customer can choose a suitable type according to your demands. Cookie biscuit machine’s most parts are made of stainless steel, which is durable and have long service life.

Semi-automatic cookie making machine

Technical parameter


Main structure and features

It mainly consists of squeeze mold, underpin, electrical control panel and pedal. When operating, the user should tread the pedal to control the squeeze frequency of machine. When the molds output the formed dough, the user should observe the situation of its squeezing. After one row of formed dough being squeezed, the user should adjust the pallet to load the next row of dough.

The machine needs at least one person to operate. It’s very easy to use the machine because of the simple structure. Besides the price of it is cheap, the size is small, which is very suitable for home use or small scale factory. But it takes a lot human labor and time, compared with the automatic one, it has a lot of shortages.

Automatic cookie biscuit machine

Technical parameter

Model HQ-400
Capacity 80-150kg/H
Degree of twistAdjustable
Voltage 220V, 50Hz
Air pressure5-6kgf/cm²
Power 1.5kw
Pallet size400*600mm
Machine size1500*980*1300mm
Weight 450kg
Spare parts3 sets mold

Main structure and working process

The automatic cookie biscuit machine consists of rotatable squeeze mold, underpin, LCD touch panel, wire cutting device and conveyor. Put the dough into the feed hopper, the rest operation steps are all automatic. It squeezes the formed dough onto the underpin which loads pallets. The PLC electric control system intelligently controls the pallet to move when one row of dough is complete. Then the conveyor transfers pallet with formed dough into oven or user can take pallets into hot air rotary furnace.

Main features

1. The machine adopts LCD touch panel and PLC control. The transmission part adopts servo motor, which is highly automated, intelligent and efficient.

2. The whole machine is made of stainless steel and aluminum, which is easy to clean.

3. Easy disassembly and assembly, you can quickly change the squeeze mold.

4. Various kinds of cookies can be extruded according to production needs.

5. Equipped with wire cutting device, can make chip cookie.

6. The squeeze mold can be rotated, instead of artificial twisting, to improve product accuracy and yield.


1.What’s the difference between semi-automatic and automatic machine?

The semi-automatic machine needs man power to operate for most time. It needs man to tread the penal and tract the pallet according to machine’s working. Anyway it’s a cheap one.
The automatic machine doesn’t need man operation. It’s a fully automatic machine can do the squeezing, cutting, conveying, and so on. It’s more expensive but saves a lot human labor.

2.About the automatic machine, how can I change the mold?

We will provide a detailed video to you to help. It’s very easy you don’t need to worry about that.

3.What’s the material of this machine?

Both machines, the parts that contact the raw material are made of stainless steel. Other parts are carbon steel or aluminum, which is easy to clean and very durable.

4.What’s the energy consumption of two machines?

The semi-automatic one needs 0.75kw, while the automatic one needs 1.5kw. They are both energy saving machines.

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