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Rotary oven / hot air rotating furnace

Rotary oven is a baking machine that can be used to dry and bake a variety of breads, cakes, meat products and a variety of pastries and pasta. Widely used in food factories, bakeries, but also suitable for individual food processing plants, cake shops, and western-style pastry shops. Hot air rotating furnace is divided into electric heating type and fuel oil type. It has the characteristics of automatic temperature control, over-temperature protection, timing, humidification, and hot air circulation. The whole food processed by the hot air rotary furnace is put into the furnace. After the rotary baking, the color and luster are uniform, and the production efficiency is high.

As an important machine for baking and drying food such as bread, cookies, biscuit, cake, rotary oven has met many customers demands. Because it has simple structure, large amount of processing for one time, and easy to operation.

Recently, hot air rotating furnace is very welcomed by customers from America, Yemen, Nigeria, Saudi Arab, and many countries of South America. We sold at least 5 sets per month, and also received many good feedback from our customer.

Machine parameter

Volume16 pallets32 pallets64 pallets
Voltage 380V/50Hz380V/50Hz380V/50Hz
Size (mm)1750*1550*19502000*1800*22002600*2350*2300
Power (kw)244872
Net weight (kg)100013002000
Pallet size (mm)400*600400*600400*600

Features of rotary oven

1.Wide baking range and large output.

2. Adopt imported burner, full combustion, long service life and high thermal efficiency.

3. High security, the circuit is internally closed, IC microcomputer control.

4. The use of high-quality steel and thermal insulation materials, the structure is safe and reliable, and the equipment failure rate is low.

5. Exquisite appearance, saving manpower and low noise.

6. The color of the product is clear. 

7. Our rotary oven adopts oil-free inner liner for easy cleaning.

Advantages of our rotary oven

  1. Electric heating oven adopts high-end stainless steel anti-corrosion electric heating tube, with longer service life.
  2. Diesel gas oven uses Baltur burner, which is safer and more durable.
  3. The bottom rotation setting is adopted, and the frame is moved in and out in parallel, which increases practicality and is more convenient to use.
  4. With three air outlet settings, the heating is faster, the heating is more uniform, and the baking effect is better. 
  5. The use of electrical protection pretends reduces machine failures and eliminates worries. 
  6. If you buy our machine, we will give you a set of tools and basic wearing parts. 
  7. For each type of machine, we provide three types of energy supply for customers to choose: electric heating type, fuel oil type (No. 0 diesel) and gas type. 


1.How many trolleys should I buy?

We recommend you to use 3 sets of trolley for a time. One trolley loads the food, the second trolley’s cooked food is cooling, the third trolley is used to put on food to prepare next time baking.

2.What energy can be used for this machine?

Electric, diesel oil, and gas.

3.What’s the material of this machine?

The inside and outside are all stainless steel, the main part stainless steel thickness can reach about 3mm.

4.What’s the brand of burner?

The Italy brand Baltur.

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