How to make cookie easy and professionally?

On many occasions, cookies are people’s favorite baked goods. More and more people are trying to make simple cookie on their own. If you are a beginner in baking, cookies will definitely allow you to experience the satisfaction of successful baking. As long as you keep in mind the points mentioned below, making cookies will be easy and more handy.

Accurately measure ingredients

Accurately measuring the ingredients needed for a recipe is at any time one of the important steps for successful cookie making. Even just too much or too little of a certain ingredient will greatly affect the final quality. Because of the delicate nature of the cookie, the effect of the amount of certain ingredients can be easily noticed. In addition, please remember to test the prepared dough first. And experiment with making a small number of cookies to see the effect.

The role of fat in cookies

In the process of making cookies, we can choose one of three types: stick butter, stick margarine, and ghee. Vegetable oils are used only when specifically indicated in the formula. Cookies made with butter or margarine will be flatter than cookies made with butter, but the flavor will be stronger with butter or margarine. If you want to make a round and rich cookie, you can use half butter and half butter.

Right dough mixing skills

If you want to make a strong cookie, you can mix the dough by hand. Because the electric mixer will mix too much air into the cookie dough, this will make the cookie texture lighter and crispier. If you use a cooperative mixing method, do not over-mix the dough. Otherwise the cookies will become tough and hard and difficult to import.

Do you have a good baking dish?

A baking tray with a non-stick base coating is a good helper for baking, but when used in the making of cookies, you will find that it will make the bottom of the cookie brown faster. If you encounter such a situation in cookie making, you can lower the oven temperature to 3.8 ° C, and then continue to follow the recipe. If the bottom of the cookie browns quickly, stack the two baking sheets as a heat-resistant baking sheet. What’s more, if you need to brush the baking sheet in the recipe, don’t use butter or margarine. Use ghee, otherwise the area between the cookies will zoom and it will be extremely difficult to clean. No butter? Put a layer of baking paper on the baking sheet to prevent it from sticking to the baking sheet.

Cookies should be placed appropriately

When placing cookie batter on a baking pallet, be sure to leave enough space between each cookie. Most recipes will tell us the specific distance, but if not, 5 cm is the usual distance. This distance also includes the distance between the edge of the cookie and the edge of the baking tray. In order to achieve a uniform baking effect, the cookies on the baking sheet should be close in size and shape. Otherwise, the cookies that are too small will be burnt and those that are too large are not cooked. 

Little tips

Before officially baking all cookies, be sure to make a few experimental cookies first. Experimenting with cookies allows you to know in advance what the officially baked cookies will be. Adjust them so that you won’t waste the entire cookie. For example, if the first experimental cookie is too flat, add two tablespoons of flour to the remaining dough and try again. You can also freeze the dough for 30 minutes. If the test cookie is too dry, add 2 tablespoons of milk or water to the dough and test again.

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