What are different types of biscuits?

There are many kinds, types, brands of different biscuits, you may feel difficult to pick one in supermarket. For example, we usually call some deserts as “biscuits”, but actually they have their own cute name. But to be honest, some nicknames of biscuits are not like a name of biscuit. For example, Jammie Dodgers, could you imagine that it’s the most popular biscuits’ name of Britain children but not a name of a great person? Then let’s count the common type of biscuits of British, and recommend some to you.


Cookie is a very familiar biscuit to us. The word “cookie” comes from Dutch “Koekje”, meaning “tiny and fine cake”. In many countries, people call cookie as biscuit. But in America and Canada, cookies usually means a special kind of biscuits. And in Scotland, cookies refer to a round bun. Biscuits are flat and are remored to have been invented by Iranians. At that time, white sugar began to become more popular. I guess this is why cookies have become sweeter and sweeter in nowadays… Cookies contain flour, eggs, sugar and cream or cooking. Oil, sometimes with raisins, oats or chopped chocolate, is more delicious and crispy. Ben’s Cookies is the most famous in London.  


    Cracker is like soda biscuit in China, it doesn’t have much flavor. But many people like this taste, which is insipid and crispy. Soda biscuit is made of grains, flour, and dough, has tabular shape. Usually in round or square shape and has small size. It tastes crispy and delicious. Cracker is a representative of nutrients in biscuits world. People can eat it or eat it with cheese, meat, jam, chocolate jam, butter. There is one attractive way to eat cracker with ham and cream, as a desert. It’s very yummy! Try it now!


Scotticize shortbread. Before, the word “short” has the meaning of “easy to crisp”. The shortbread is easy to crisp because the high content of fat in butter restrains the formation of gluten. Therefore, shortbread has the tasty of melting in mouth as long as you eat it. But it’s easy to get fatter if you eat too much. There are 3 kinds of shape to usual shortbread, big round circle one, small round one, and thick cuboid one. Sometimes, people design it into beautiful shapes to celebrate special days or festival, like the Gingerbread Man in Christmas and heart-shaped shortbread on wedding.

Traditional shortbread is usually made of white sugar, butter, flour in proportion of 1:2:3. Sometimes people add some rice flour or corn flour into it to change the texture of shortbread. When making shortbread, it’s available to replace white sugar by same amount of granulator sugar and powdered sugar. To avoid burning, the shortbread should be baked under low temperature. The freshly baked shortbread usually is white or light gold, many British like to splash a layer of white sugar onto it, which seemed very sweet and goluptious.

Digestive Biscuit 

    Digestive biscuit, sometimes also called sweet-meal biscuit, which tastes a little sweet. In American English it’s called cookie. Digestive biscuit was first invented in 1839, two Scottish doctors designed it only to improve digestion. They had never thought that, this kind of biscuit could be so popular with people all over the world. Traditional digestive biscuit consists of rough wheat flour, sugar, malt extract, vegetable oil, whole wheat flour, raising agent, and salt. Many people like to eat digestive biscuit with tea or coffee.

Dipping the digestive biscuit in some tea will make the biscuit get soft quickly, so the taste gets really good. Digestive biscuit is also usually used as the bottom of desert. For example, some children love cheese cake, the biscuit at the bottom is digestive biscuit. As people knows, many British deserts contains so much sugar and tastes too sweet. So digestive biscuit is more acceptable to public. 


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