Common problems of biscuit making cookies and their solutions

When the biscuit machine makes biscuits, there may be some problems when using it for a long time, so that the deliciousness of the biscuits does not meet the corresponding requirements. For example, the problems of biscuits not being colored, blistering, and fragile are all annoying. How to solve technical problems? Let’s analyze them in detail.

1. The reasons for biscuit foaming may be:

(1) The temperature in the front area of the oven is too high, especially the surface temperature is too high. At this time, the oven temperature should be controlled not to be very high at first, and the surface temperature should be gradually increased;

(2) The dough is too elastic. When baking, the gluten blocks the gas channel and does not easily spread out, making the surface foam. At this time, the dough elasticity should be reduced and a mold with more needles should be used;

(3) The agglomeration of the leavening agent has not been opened. At this time, care should be taken to crush the agglomerated leavening agent before use;

(4) Toss the flour with too much flour during rolling, and try to avoid or less flour.

2. The reasons why the biscuits are not colored:

It may be that the sugar content in the formula is too small. At this time, the amount of invert sugar or sugar is increased.

3. The reasons for the rough texture of biscuits may be:

(1) Insufficient or excessive flour mixing time, at this time, the maturity of flour mixing should be judged correctly and timely;

(2) The amount of leavening agent in the formula is too small or too much, and an appropriate amount of leavening agent should be adjusted;

(3) The amount of oil and sugar in the formula is relatively small, and the amount of oil and sugar should be appropriately increased and an appropriate amount of phospholipid should be added.

4. The reasons for cracking of biscuits may be:

(1) The biscuit is over-swollen and too loose. At this time, the amount of leavening agent should be reduced;

(2) The amount of starch and biscuit crumbs in the ingredients is too much, and the amount should be appropriately reduced at this time.

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