Pillow packing machine sold to India

Pillow packing machine is an automatic packaging machine. It can packs biscuit, cookie, wafer biscuit, chocolate, bread, medicine, moon cake, hardware, industrial part and so on. Pillow packing machine is not only a hot-sale machine in China, but also a popular machine in India. Consumption of snack foods in India has been increasing in recent years. Pillow packing machine is a professional machine for packaging snack foods, so it is very popular with Indian food manufacturers.

Pillow packing machine sold to India

In October this year, a customer from India sent inquiry to us about pillow packing machine. He planned to purchase 3 sets of pillow packaging machine. 2 for his own food production factory, 1 for his friend. After 1 week negotiation, we knew a lot of details about his raw material, the packing film, and the final product he wanted. He sent some of his raw material, a kind of cookie, and his packing film to us. He wanted us to test the effect first for him.

In earlier time of November, we received his express. We arranged worker to prepare and debugging the machine quickly, and tested the machine at the second day we received his express. We made a video call with him to show the packing effect of our machine. Because of our fast speed of testing, and very good machine working performance, this customer was very satisfied with us. So at the last week of November, we received his deposit. Now his item is on the way to India.

How to choose a suitable packing machine

Customers can choose the suitable pillow packing machine according to the characteristics of their products. Nowadays, there are many models made on the market for different materials, which requires buyers to find in the market. With the direction, it will be much easier to choose in this regard, because it can comprehensively consider various aspects to meet its own requirements. If there is no corresponding model on the market, customers need to choose according to the nature of the product. For example, if the product is easy to drop slag or the shape is very loose, you should choose the lower film. Because the machine under the film enters the packaging stage, the middle seal is located above the material, so the residue will not fall into the machine during the packaging process, and the integrity of the packaging can also be guaranteed.

We recommend that customers take their own products and packaging films to test the package when selecting the machine. Because you can judge whether you have achieved the desired effect according to the packaged product. Of course, the best way can also be that the customer only provides the materials, and the manufacturer of the pillow packaging machine helps to choose the packaging material, which may more easily meet the customer’s requirements.

What can we provide to you?

  1. A most suitable machine. We will make a short but necessary reference check to customer. The stuff you need to pack, the packing film type, the final model you need, these are all needed information. Then we will recommend a most suitable machine for you, and we can provide a draw layout of machine building according to your factory plant.
  2. We welcome customers to send us samples for testing. Usually we test the machine for you within 1-3 working days after receiving your samples, and give you a video call or take a video to test the machine.
  3. We welcome you to come and test our machines in China. If necessary, we can also arrange board and lodging for you, dedicated to provide you with the best service.
  4. After sales, we can also provide you with on-site installation services, we will debug the machine for you until the machine can be used normally and smoothly.
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