What are the ingredients for making cookies?

This article will tells you how to prepare the ingredients for making cookies by using biscuit forming machine. The raw material consists of flour, sugar, grease, dairy, egg, leavening agent and table salt. Biscuit forming machine is also known as biscuit making machine. It rolls the dough into biscuits of different sizes, shapes and textures. It is suitable for crisp biscuits, tough biscuits, bear biscuits and sandwich biscuits. Thousands of different biscuits can be obtained by changing the mold.

Pretreatment of flour

For the production of hard biscuits, flour with a wet gluten content of 24-36% should be used; for the production of crisp cookies, the use of flour with a wet gluten content of 24-30% is appropriate.

Currently, it must be sieved before use. The purpose of sieving is not only to make the flour into fine particles and remove impurities, but also to mix a certain amount of air into the flour, which is beneficial to the proliferation of yeast when the dough is fermented. An additional magnet is needed in the sieving device to remove magnetic impurities. The humidity of flour should be adjusted according to the season. 

Pretreatment of sugars

Generally, the sugar is ground into sugar powder or dissolved into syrup. In order to remove impurities and ensure fineness, the ground sugar powder is sieved. Generally, a 100-hole / 25.4mm sieve is used. If the powdered sugar is ground by the workshop, the temperature after crushing is high, and it should be used after cooling to avoid affecting the dough temperature.

Dissolve the sugar into syrup, and the amount of water added is generally 30-40% of the sugar. When heating and dissolving, control the temperature and stir frequently to prevent scorching and fully dissolve the sugar. Filter after boiling and dissolving, and use after cooling.

Pretreatment of grease

     Ordinary liquid vegetable oil, lard, etc. can be used directly. Butter, margarine, hydrogenated oil, coconut oil and other fats have high hardness at low temperature. You can use gentle heat or stir with a blender to soften it and use it. This will speed up the mixing process and make the dough more uniform.

     When the fat is heated and softened, it is necessary to grasp the heat, and it is not suitable to completely dissolve it, otherwise it will destroy its milky structure, reduce the quality of the finished product, and cause the cookies to “oil”. Whether cooling is required after heating and softening should be determined according to the temperature of the dough.

Pretreatment of dairy and eggs

     When using fresh eggs, it is best to undergo inspection, cleaning, disinfection and drying. Pay attention to remove bad eggs and egg shells when you beat the eggs. When using iced eggs, place the iced egg box on the sink and melt the iced eggs before using.

     The milk is filtered. Milk powder and egg powder are best mixed in oil or water before use.

Pretreatment of leavening agent and table salt

     The leavening agent and table salt must be blended with flour evenly. The leavening agent used in the production of biscuits, such as baking soda, ammonium bicarbonate and salt, and other water-soluble raw materials and auxiliary materials. Before dissolving with water, it must be sieved first. If there is a hard block, it should be broken and sieved to make the above substances into small particles and finally dissolved in cold water. Do not use hot water to dissolve the chemical leavening agent, which will decompose part or most of the carbon dioxide gas when heated, reducing the leavening effect.

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