Biscuit production line sold to India

The biscuit production line is a set of equipment that can complete the mixing of raw materials to the packaging of biscuits. Despite the rotation of various brands and products, biscuits have become the strongest in many people’s drawers because of their convenience and ease of snacking. According to statistics for 16 years, biscuits accounted for the top three in China’s domestic snack food market share, and together with baked goods and confectionery, the scale exceeded 100 billion. Behind such a huge market, biscuit production equipment has gradually attracted people’s attention. Among them, biscuit machines, as the main force in biscuit production, naturally become the focus of attention.

Our company provide a very complete production line of making biscuit. It can produce crisp biscuit, hard biscuit, cookie, sandwich biscuit, bear biscuit, soda biscuit, and so on. The production line contains dough mixer, biscuit forming machine, oven, and packaging machine. In recent years, the whole set of equipment has been sold well in various countries all over the world, and has been well received by many customers.

Biscuit production line sold to India

In October, a customer from India sent inquiry to us about biscuit machine. He was a purchasing agent of his company, which produced snacks, biscuits and cookies. His company needed to purchase another biscuit production line for using in new year. He wanted to come to our factory to ensure the quality of our machine.

In November he arrived in China, and came to our factory at one weekend. Three of our workers brought him to our factory and showed him biscuit production line. Because this customer had high requirements for the quality of the machine, we recommended the top machines of this production line. This customer told us, their company could accept a reasonable price but really good quality. After factory visiting, he decided to purchase the whole plant from our company.

At the day he decided to purchase our equipment, he paid the deposit in cash directly to us. We finished preparing the machines in 10 days, and delivered the whole plant in earlier time of December. Now his item is on ship, will arrive at port one week later.  

Why the customer choose Taizy biscuit production line?

  1. The whole production line adopts high quality carbon steel and stainless steel. The main machine, biscuit forming machine and oven, both adopts automatic operation type. The whole product line saves a lot of human labor and cost.
  2. We provide complete service system. Our company’s philosophy is to provide customers with one-stop solutions. Let you choose all the machines you want in our factory, and design the drawings suitable for your plant layout.
  3. We welcome customers to visit our factory. Our company receives more than 20 customers every month, so we will be happy to provide you with the most complete service.
  4. We accept the customization of the machine and provide you with on-site installation services. Customers need not worry about not installing or using the machine. We will assign professional technical workers to your country to install and debug for you, and even give you training until you can use the machine smoothly.

As a biscuit and cookie machine manufacturer,we are not only supply the single machine and production line machine for customer to make biscuit.And we also supply customer the solution and machine maintenance knowledge.

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