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Crisp biscuit production line| biscuit forming machine

Crisp biscuit production line is a complete production line that can produce many types of biscuits. Such as cream biscuits, sandwich biscuits, super-thin biscuits, milk biscuits, stone biscuits, soda biscuits, animal biscuits, bear biscuits, vegetable biscuits, etc. It includes a dough mixer, biscuit forming machine, biscuit roaster machine, packaging machine.

Besides, we provide several choices for biscuit forming machines and ovens. Among forming machines, we provide biscuit forming machines, cookie making machines, and sandwich biscuit making machines. Among ovens, we provide rotary ovens, layer ovens, and tunnel ovens. Each type has many models with different sizes and capacities. Customer can choose the most suitable model according to your own demands and budget.

In recent years, with the continuous development of the food processing industry and the increasing popularity of pastry shops, our biscuit production line is also loved by people in many countries and regions. You don’t need to buy every machine in this production line, but one superior oven can help you build your own bakery. We are committed to providing our customers with the most suitable machines and the most complete services.

Composition of crisp biscuit production line

Dough mixer

Dough mixer
Dough mixer

A dough mixer is a machine mixing wheat flour and egg, sugar, dairy, and other raw material into the dough. Its main part is made of stainless steel. It has a simple structure and is very easy to operate.

Biscuit forming machine

Biscuit forming machine
Biscuit forming machine

Biscuit forming machine squeezes and presses dough into the dough with different shapes and figures. We mainly provide biscuit forming machines, cookie making machines,s and sandwich biscuit making machines. For cookie-making machines, there are two types, semi-automatic and automatic models. For sandwich biscuit making machine, it needs to be used with biscuit forming machine, to squeeze filling between two pieces of biscuits. Biscuit forming machine is the main machine of the production line, its capacity decides the whole line’s capacity.

Biscuit roaster machine

Biscuit roaster machine
roaster machine

An oven is also an important machine among production lines. The oven bakes the food into cooked one. We provide three kinds of oven, rotary oven, layer oven, and tunnel oven. Each kind we provide different volumes to meet different demands of customers. Not only for biscuits, but the oven can also bake bread, cake, meat, chicken, potato, and much common food in our daily life.  

Packaging machine

Packaging machine
Biscuit Packaging machine

The suitable packaging machine to package biscuits and cookies is a pillow packaging machine. This type of packaging machine is better to package stuff in a regular shape. We provide many models with different packaging parameters, so biscuits and cookies of all sizes can be packaged. The machine is very intelligent and automatic, it’s easy to operate and can save a lot of human labor.

biscuit production line

Main features of our biscuit production line

1. Various machines on the biscuit production line are equipped with variable frequency speed regulation, and various machines cooperate with each other to realize automation.

2. The oven uses an energy-saving quartz electric heating tube, which has sufficient heat radiation and fast heating speed. The temperature control system uses advanced temperature control equipment and energy saving technology.

3. The frequency control of the biscuit forming machine is simple, quick, and easy for workers to get started.

4. All kinds of supporting equipment are complete, and production auxiliary equipment such as noodle machines, fuel injection machines, packaging machines, etc. are all available to provide mechanical support for the production of various flavor cookies.

5. Biscuit production line makes the production of delicious biscuits simple and convenient. It not only reduces a lot of intermediate links but also reduces a lot of manual operations. Realized automatic integration of biscuit production. 


1.What’s the process flow of biscuit making?

Dough mixing→biscuit forming→baking→packaging

2.Is this equipment automatic?

It’s optional. You can choose automatic type and semi-automatic. Different types have different costs, you can choose one according to your own budget and plant area.

3.What’s the material of this production line?

The main parts that may contact the raw material and food of the machines are made of quality stainless steel. The other parts are made of carbon steel or aluminum.

4.What is the type of packaging machine?

Pillow packaging machine.

5.Which countries have you sold this machine to?

Many, India, America, Malaysia, Russia, etc.

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