Dough mixer / dough maker / dough machine

Dough mixer is a main equipment of flour-made dishes processing. It is mainly used to mix wheat flour with water at a ratio of 1: 0.38-0.45 and make dough according to customer processing requirements. Sometimes customers add oil, sugar, and other foods and food additives to the ingredients and mix them together. The dough mixer is widely used for pasta processing in canteens, restaurants and pasta processing plants. It is an ideal device to replace manual work, reduce labor intensity, and meet people’s dietary hygiene requirements. It can also be used for mixing other similar materials.

Technical parameter

ModelDough weight (kg)Time (min)Voltage (v)Power (kw)Weight (kg)Size (mm)

Features of structure

The dough mixer mainly consists of shelf, hopper, operation device, electrical control device, and conveyor.

The transmission part adopts turbo reducer and chain transmission, and the bucket is automatically tipped. This machine uses a built-in motor and has a very compact structure. The electrical control part controls the forward, reverse, and stop of the main and auxiliary motors through control buttons and AC contactors. The limit switch protects the position when the bucket is tipped. Besides, the machine has a simple structure and a beautiful appearance. It is widely used in large and medium-sized catering units and is an ideal supporting equipment for production lines. 

Advantages of dough maker

  1. Reduce human labor. The dough maker can be matched with a conveyor, which can transfer the flour in and out automatically. Customer can choose to buy this conveyor or not. A conveyor transfer the flour, so it doesn’t need a worker to toss the dough. It saves human labor and energy a lot.
  2. Eliminate hidden dangers. The automatic feeding and output device of the conveyor belt separates the manual dough operation area from the kneading operation area, which basically eliminates hidden dangers and ensures safe production. 
  3. The structure is single and the machine is very easy to operate. Besides, the capacity of the machine is big enough to satisfy most of the food processing plant’s demand. So it’s a very good option for a manufacturer who begin or plan to build a food processing factory.


  1. What’s the material of dough mixer?

  The parts that contact the flour is made of stainless steel, other parts are carbon steel.

2. What’s the engine power of dough maker?

  Electric motor is the engine power of this machine.


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