What is difference between soft biscuit and cookie?

As early as the 14th century, biscuits have become a favorite snack of Europeans. In the past ten years, the biscuits in China’s supermarkets have made an unprecedented boom in the biscuits market. Biscuits are a favor snack for all ages. There are many types of biscuits on the market, such as soft biscuits, tough biscuits, cookies, soda biscuits, sandwich biscuits, and so on. Among them, soft biscuits and cookies are often mistaken for the same kind of cookies, because there are some similarities between them. The most intuitive is that they have crispy texture.

Biscuit VS cookie

The raw material of soft biscuits includes wheat flour, sugar, oil and fat as main raw materials, with leavening agents and other auxiliary materials. The surface patterns made by cold flour powder mixing, rolling or non-rolling, molding and baking are mostly convex. The cross-section structure is porous, and the texture is crisp or crunchy.

Cookies mainly consists of wheat flour, sugar, syrup, oil, and dairy products. They are filled with leavening agents and other auxiliary materials. It’s a crispy biscuit with three-dimensional patterns or regular ripples on the surface.

The above is the definition of the two kinds of biscuits in China’s cookie standards. From the definition alone, we can know that there is a certain difference between the soft biscuits and cookies in the ingredients, the method of forming the dough, and the appearance. 

In foreign countries, cookies are interpreted as small, flat cake-type biscuits, which shows that the taste of cookies is softer than that of crisp biscuits.

The difference in the production process of biscuit and cookie

  1. Dough making. In the preparation of dough, soft biscuits and cookies are first mixed with sugar, oil and other auxiliary materials, and finally added flour to prepare dough. However, in the process of preparing auxiliary materials, soft biscuits need to first turn all solid or solid particles into a liquid. For example, sugar is melted into a liquid, cream is melted into a liquid, etc. And stirred in a mixing bowl. For cookies, sugar, shortening, leavening agent and other auxiliary materials are directly put into the mixing bowl to beat it evenly, and then a certain amount of water is added. The difference in this operation makes the appearance of the prepared dough and product very different.
  2. Forming. In industry biscuit producing, a biscuit forming machine can finish forming of soft biscuit. The molds press the dough into different molds. But the cookies are squeezed by molds like squeezing cream. Then cut by wire. It needs a cookie making machine. Their processing ways are very different.
  3. Baking process. The baking temperature of the soft biscuit is 200℃, and the baking time is about 9 minutes. The baking temperature of cookies is 205℃, and the baking time is about 11 minutes. Because cookies are much thicker than soft cookies, the baking temperature has increased and the time has also been extended.
cookie making machine
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