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Biscuit making machine / biscuit forming machine

Biscuit making machine is also called biscuit forming machine, it forms dough into different size of biscuit. It’s an automatic equipment which can produce soft biscuit, hard biscuit, crispy biscuit, bear biscuit, soda biscuit and sandwich biscuit, etc.. We can provide thousands of molds with different shapes and figures as option for customers. The parts that may contact the raw material are all made of SUS 304 stainless steel, which has very good quality and durable. We provide 200, 400, 600 three models to choose. 400 and 600 model both have a conveyor that transfers the finished biscuits automatically. Biscuit forming machine is suitable for small, middle, and large scale food processing manufacturers. It’s widely welcomed by customers from India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Turkey, etc..  

Technical specification


Biscuit making machine working principle and process

Flour pretreatment

For the production of tough cookies, flour with a wet gluten content of 24-36% is available. For the production of crisp biscuits, it is advisable to use flour with a wet gluten content of 24-30%. 

Currently, the flour must be sieved before use. The purpose of sieving is not only to make the flour into fine particles and remove impurities, but also to mix a certain amount of air into the flour. It is beneficial to the proliferation of yeast when the dough is fermented. An additional magnet is needed in the sieving device to remove magnetic impurities. 

The humidity of flour should be adjusted according to the season. 

Preparation of dough

The temperature of the dough should be controlled at about 22-28 ° C. For dough with high fat content, the temperature is controlled at 20-25 ° C. In summer, the temperature is high, you can use cold water to make dough to reduce the temperature of the dough. If the wet gluten content in the flour is higher than 40%, the fat and flour can be adjusted into a pastry-type dough, and then other auxiliary materials are added, or part of the flour is removed from the formula and the same amount of starch is added. 

Working process of biscuit forming machine

When the biscuit machine is working, the rollers of the feeding trough and the rollers of the die are relatively rotated under the driving of the gear. The material in the dough bucket falls into the biscuit concave mold on the surface of the two rolls by its own weight. Then, using a separate scraper under the two sticks, scrape the excess material outside the die into the crumb receiving tray along the tangent direction of the impression roller. The impression roller rotates, and the die containing the cake blank enters the demolding stage.

At this time, the rubber demolding roller relies on its own deformation function to press the rough canvas demolding belt tightly on the bottom of the cake embryo. The adsorption force between the contact surfaces is greater than the contact bonding force between the smooth inner surface of the die and the cake embryo. Therefore, the biscuit raw embryo was smoothly removed from the die and transferred from the canvas film belt to the raw embryo conveyor belt. 

Advantages of our biscuit forming machine

  1. The equipment consists of three parts: leather making, forming and recycling.
  2. One-time roll forming, high forming rate and good forming quality.
  3. When changing products with different specifications, just need to change the impression roller.
  4. The machine can be connected to two sections of conveyor belts, and there is a thin gap between the conveyor belts, which can drop broken cookie residue. And the formed complete biscuit can pass directly through the seam. This operation can avoid the burnt taste of the biscuits residue after baking due to burning.
  5. There are 4 universal rubber wheels installed under the frame, which is easy to move during production and maintenance.
  6. The prototype and bottom plate of the machine are both steel structures, and are connected by steel plates and sections, welded or bolted, with compact structure and high strength. 
  7. The machine is small in size, light in weight, beautiful in appearance and small in footprint. 


1.How many models do you provide?

3 models, 200 model doesn’t have conveyor.

2.How to change the new molds to change final products’ shape if there are old molds?

The machine has two big screws, you can change molds easily by adjusting the two screws. Also, we can send you videos to help you change the molds.

3.What’s the size of pallet?

Usually 400*600mm, which is designed according to the size of oven.

4.What’s the material of molds?

Food safety grade resin.

5.What’s the material of conveyor?

It must be a layer of cloth, which has greater friction, convenient for biscuit to demold.

6.Can I design the mold?

Yes of course. We accept customization. You can tell us your idea, we will design it and show the sample to you until you’re satisfied.