Biscuit making machine affects biscuit production quality

commercial biscuit making machine

For the biscuit manufacturer, the quality of the biscuit machine directly determines the production quality of the biscuit. This is especially true for small biscuit factories. Generally, they first choose a small biscuit making machine for initial operation. High-quality biscuit maker and excellent production technology are the two most important factors. These two directly affect the production quality of biscuits, so what conditions should high-quality biscuits meet?

1.High sanitary quality

Biscuit is a one-time processed product that can be eaten directly. Therefore, a clean, tidy, and hygienic environment should be maintained during processing. The automatic biscuit machine adopts mechanized automatic operation from feeding to discharging, which reduces the direct contact of personnel.

2. High physical and chemical quality

The physical and chemical quality includes two aspects. One is the physical aspect, which includes the size, shape, weight, moisture, hardness, impurities, ingredients, mixing ratio, etc. The other is the chemical aspect, including composition, nutrition, PH, total sugar, moisture and other factors.

This part mainly reflects in the biscuit production process. It requires workers to constantly imitate, improve, and experiment to obtain a better production process.

3. High sensory quality

This includes characteristics such as color, aroma, taste, and shape. Good quality biscuits should include good color, fragrance, taste, and shape.

The formula will greatly affect the biscuit’s color, especially the difference in the quality of wheat flour.

The aroma of biscuits is one or more mixed raw materials’ aroma.

Taste represents the taste when tasting biscuits, and the most intuitive feeling is the crisp taste.

Shape refers to the shape of the biscuit. Specifically, a good biscuit should be flat, without missing corners, with a clean surface pattern, and without shrinkage and deformation.

A good biscuit factory has a unique biscuit processing technology to control the physical and chemical quality and some sensory quality of the biscuit. After compacting and molding by a small automatic biscuit machine, you obtain a good shape biscuit.

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