4 different kinds of biscuits

There are all kinds of biscuits in the markets nowadays, according to the different craftsmanship and production methods, I will divide it into four categories.

Crispy biscuits

Crispy biscuits use wheat flour, sugar, and fat as main raw materials because the dough lacks extensibility and elasticity so it is crispy and brittle. Such as butter biscuits, onion biscuits, sesame biscuits, meringue cookies, etc.

The method of making this kind of cookie is to mix the dough first, and then use the biscuit making machine to make different shapes and sizes, then bake.

Resilience buiscuits

Resilience biscuits are made of wheat flour, sugar, and fat as the main raw materials. They have a smooth appearance, a smooth surface, pinholes, and a layered cross-section. Such as milk cake, vanilla cake, egg cake, Marie cake, Boston cake, etc.

The production of Resilience biscuits is roughly the same as that of crisp biscuits, but Resilience biscuits have high ductility to the dough, which requires continuous kneading and beating when making the dough.

Sandwich cookies

Sandwich cookies consist of two biscuits with filling between them. Use many types of fillings such as cream, ganache, cream, chocolate, cream cheese, jam, peanut butter, lemon curd, or ice cream.

Sandwich cookies production process: first making two crispy biscuits, and then using a sandwich machine to put the crispy biscuits and filling together.


Cookie is a small, flat and sweet baked or cooked food. It usually contains flour, sugar and some kind of oil or fat.

Cookies production process: making a batter first, and then extruding the batter to make different shapes cookies by using an extrusion belt or cookie making machine, and then baking them in a baking box.

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