How to make different biscuit patterns

biscuit mold

Biscuits are often eaten snacks, with high nutritional value, very delicious, but compared to the diversified taste of biscuits, the shapes and biscuit patterns give us a lot of surprises. Biscuits with cartoon patterns also have letter shapes. There are many kinds of biscuits. When we don’t know the taste of biscuits, the reason for buying biscuits depends largely on whether the pattern of the biscuits is what we like.


How to make a biscuit patterns

In the commercial production of biscuits, they will use molds to produce biscuits. Different molds produce different biscuit patterns, so you only need to replace different molds during the production process. The production step is to first mix the dough, then qualitatively, and finally bake and pack them for sale, but cookies Different patterns cannot be qualitatively determined by molds. That is because the batter of cookies is relatively soft and can only be shaped directly by a machine.

Mold material of biscuit patterns

Some people are worried about the hygiene and safety of the mold. Generally, the mold will use PE material that meets the hygienic standard. In addition, it is generally necessary to worry about the volatilization of chemical substances affecting the safety of the video during the heating process. However, in the production process of biscuits, the first Use the mold qualitatively, and then heat and bake.

Cookie pattern

Cookies have different petals, so these patterns are also made with molds? Of course not. Cookies are made by twisting and squeezing out biscuit liquid through a machine to shape the patterns. Generally, the machine of the cookie production line is very intelligent, and the number of petals of the cookie pattern can be adjusted.

Precautions for buying a biscuit production line

biscuit production line

It is necessary to determine the type of biscuits. The machines for cookies and shortbread are completely different and cannot be mixed. In addition, the raw materials used to produce the two types of biscuits are also different. The dough for making shortbread biscuits is relatively hard, while the production of biscuits requires a biscuit liquid that is the same as the batter. The difference between the two is quite big.

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