How to choose an oven? 6 kinds of common oven for your choice

The oven is an indispensable tool for bakers. In addition to learning and mastering various recipes and techniques, familiarizing with the oven is also an important learning task. This article will show you several common basic ovens, not only for home use, but also for small baking shops.

Electric oven

Its function is similar to the ordinary gas oven, but it is better than the ordinary gas oven. It does not use electricity without gas. It is not so dangerous, but it also has disadvantages. The preheating speed is slow. Make a U-turn.

Steam electric oven

Generally, the oven with steam is used to bake European and French breads. We all call them European style ovens. The oven comes with marble, an oven with marble slabs, and French and European breads are baked in a round shape. The temperature of such ovens is generally higher than that of ordinary ovens.

Rotary oven

Rotary oven is a medium-sized baking equipment. It uses a variety of different energy sources to heat the combustion chamber, sends hot air into the furnace through a heat exchanger and a fan, and then cooks food in the oven. This equipment is suitable for large-volume production. It can process bread, biscuits, cookies, toast, French sticks, small cakes, egg yolk pie, puffs and various meats, seafood drying and other food processing applications. 

Cyclone oven

This oven is very expensive, and most of the entire car is pushed to bake. It is generally used in large factories where they produce bread in batches. Suitable for baking toast bread, other breads are also possible, but the color and effect can not reach the ordinary electric oven. The average small bakery is too small to use.

Italian pizza oven

Italian pizza oven, its appearance is very small, with a few firewood can raise the temperature of the pizza oven to about 400 ℃, the temperature rises faster and the temperature drops faster. It takes about 50 seconds to bake an Italian pizza.

Tunnel oven

Tunnel oven is a tunnel-type mechanical equipment that completes food baking through heat conduction, convection and radiation. The tunnel oven body is generally very long, with a minimum of 6 meters and a length of 60 to 80 meters. When the food is baked, the food passes through the conveying plate, steel belt or mesh belt and the electric heating element or the direct-fired combustion rod to generate relative movement, so as to complete the work of uniform baking and conveying. This type of oven can be continuously produced with high production efficiency, saving manpower and stable baking quality.

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