Dough sheeter machine sold to Malaysia

Dough sheeter machine is also known as crisp bread making machine. The dough sheeter machine is mainly used for the forming of various types of cookies, cakes, bread, biscuits and many types of pastry. This machine plays a very important role in baking production line. Due to the rapid development of baking industry of all over the world, dough sheeter is a machine which becomes more and more needed in many countries. In recent years, dough sheeter is widely welcomed by Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Congo, Yemen, Philippines, and so on.

dough sheeter machine

The production process is simple and convenient. Dough sheeter machine has functions of both rolling and stretching. The whole body of our dough sheeter machine is made of stainless steel. Also, the press roller is made of high-quality seamless tube, which is ground after computer lathe finishing and hard chromium plating.

Features of our dough sheeter machine

What’s more, our dough sheeter machine adopts imported quality conveyor belt. It’s not easy to fuzz and has strong wear resistance. In addition, the scraper is specially designed, the roller is not sticky, and it is not easy to scratch. The thinnest can be pressed 0.3mm with uniform thickness. Our dough sheeter machine also use brand-name and high-quality motors and electrical appliances. It also have overload, phase loss protection devices, and safety interlocking devices to ensure that users are safe and reliable during use.

We mainly provide two types of dough sheeter machine. One is vertical type, another is table type. The vertical type has a shelf to hold the operation part. Both models have high quality and high efficiency. Customers can choose a suitable type according to specific demands.

Baking industry in Malaysia

At the present age of domestic aging, the labor force in Southeast Asia is still considerable. The baking industry is a labor-intensive industry. Lower labor costs and abundant natural resources are the natural advantages of the development of the baking industry here. Malaysia is the third largest GDP powerhouse in Southeast Asia, with young people accounting for nearly one-third of the total population, and it is a major consumer. The economic development situation is good and the “Belt and Road” policy supports, and the future development prospects of the Malaysian baking industry are unlimited. 

Dough sheeter machine sold to Malaysia

    In October of 2019, in month, we sold about 10 sets of dough sheeter machine to Malaysia. The baking industry is in a fast-developing phase in the region and their demand for dough sheeter machine is high. Our dough sheeter machine has high quality and automatic operation, easy to use and has long service life, which satisfies many customers.

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