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Dough crisping machine / dough sheeter / crisp bread machine

Dough crisping machine is also known as crisp bread making machine. The dough crisping machine is mainly used for the shaping of various types of bread, cakes, biscuits and various types of pastry. The production process is simple and convenient, and has the dual functions of rolling and stretching. The whole body of dough sheeter is made of stainless steel. Also, the pressure roller is made of high-quality seamless tube, which is ground after computer lathe finishing and hard chromium plating. Imported quality conveyor belt, not easy to fuzz, strong wear resistance. What’s more, the scraper is specially designed, the roller is not sticky, and it is not easy to scratch. The thinnest can be pressed 0.3mm, uniform thickness.

Our dough crisping machine also use brand-name and high-quality motors and electrical appliances. It also have overload, phase loss protection devices, and safety interlocking devices to ensure that users are safe and reliable during use. We mainly provide two types of dough sheeter machine. One is vertical type, another is table type. The vertical type has another shelf to hold the operation part. Customers can choose a suitable type according to specific demands.

Vertical dough crisping machine technical parameter

Machine size820*2000*1040mm960*2700*1100mm1060*3100*1100mm
Unfold length/height2000/1040mm2700/1100mm3100/1100mm
Pack up length/height620/1310mm700/1620mm720/1720mm
Conveyor size400/1600mm520/2200mm630/2400mm
Adjustable clearance of roller1-35mm1-40mm1-40mm
Max rolling quantity4kg/time5.5kg/time6.5kg/time
Net weight170kg248kg268kg
Power 0.4kw0.55kw1.1kw
Voltage 220V/380V220V/380V220V/380V

Table type dough sheeter machine

Machine size840*1990*590mm960*2250*590mm
Unfold length/height1990mm/590mm2250/590
Pack up length/height620mm/690mm720/740
Conveyor size400mm/1600mm520/1800
Adjustable clearance of roller1-35mm1-35mm
Max rolling quantity4kg/time5.5kg/time
Net weight110kg130kg
Power 0.4kw0.55kw
Voltage 220V/380V220V/380V

Features of our dough crisping machine

1. Scope of use: meringues, shortcakes, puff pastry, etc. Can also be used for rolling dough.

2. Oil-immersed design, low noise, not easy to wear and prolong service life.

3. The imported components are made of high-grade steel, and the pressure roller is specially treated, which is non-sticky and difficult to scratch.

4. The pressure roller and scraper are professionally designed so that the thinnest skin can be pressed to 1mm, and the thickness is uniform.

5. Folding structure, save space and easy to carry.

Maintenance of dough sheeter machine

1. Before work, test the equipment at no load. After confirming that there is no abnormality in the equipment, start the formal work.

2. The rolled dough must not be too hard (such as frozen dough), otherwise it will affect the stability and service life of the equipment. When the thickness of the dough is more than 10mm, the thickness can be adjusted about 5mm each time. If the thickness is 5 ~ 10mm, it decreases by about 2mm each time. And if the thickness is within 5mm, it decreases by about 1mm each time.

3. The conveying platform should not bear heavy objects.

4. After the machine has been running for 40 hours, please tighten the belt and chain to a proper position to prevent the transmission from slipping and falling off the chain.

5. After the machine is running for 80 hours, please refuel the sprocket, chain and other transmission parts, and re-tighten the screws, nuts and other fasteners, so as not to damage the parts.

6. keep the machine clean and complete, bearing, belt, chain and other transmission parts can not be attached with flour, dust and other foreign matter, so as not to burn the bearing or accelerate the wear of the parts.

7. Before the end of daily work, please clean the machine with a rag, but do not wash it with a water pipe.

8. Immediate shutdown when abnormal sound response is found, please have the maintenance personnel overhaul it.