Commercial cookies making machine deliver to Nigeria

cookies making machine exported to Nigeria

Commercial cookie machines can change different molding dies to make different shapes of cookies. The machine has a small footprint and powerful functions, so it is welcomed by customers at home and abroad. The cookies are of various varieties and rich flavors. It meets the needs of consumers at different levels. The development of cookie maker has brought the possibility of biscuits diversified development. Recently, we exported electric cookies making machine to Nigeria.

This Nigerian customer wants to start a biscuit business. After receiving the customer’s inquiry, our sales asks the customer what kind of cookies he wants to make. He is not very clear about what he wants to make, he just has an idea and wants to seek the advice of a professional biscuit machine manufacturer. After knowing the customer’s requirements, our sales first showed the customer pictures of cookies and biscuits.

Among the many biscuit pictures, the customer chose two cookie patterns. Then, our sales manager introduced the machine details to the customer and sent a video of the machine’s work. Of course, during communicating with the customer, he had many questions about the machine and after-sales, and we also answered them in detail. Although the customer chose many suppliers to inquire about, in the end, Nigeria chose us as his supplier.

The automatic cookie machine mainly extrudes the dough through a mold. The extruded cookies are baked in the oven to mature. The machine has the characteristics of advanced technology, compact structure, diverse functions, and simple operation. And it can also make cookies with different patterns by changing different molds.

Before using a commercial cookie maker, you should use a mixer to mix various ingredients such as eggs, butter, sugar, flour into a paste. Pour the dough into the inlet of the cookie machine, and the machine will automatically extrude the quantitative amount of dough into the shape. There is a conveyor belt below the mold for conveying the pallets to accept the extruded cookies. The machine can automatically sense and squeeze out rows of cookies. After the machine extrudes the cookies onto the tray, the tray is placed on a trolley and can be pushed into the hot-air rotating oven for baking.

Nigeria cookies making machine delivery picture

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