How to make cookie dough?

Cookies are a delicious snack that is common in people’s daily lives. It has a creamy aroma, crispy and delicious, and is loved by many people. To make cookie, good cookie dough is very important. Although the method of making cookies in industry is different from the method of making cookies by hand, there are some things worth noting in the making of dough. In industry way, cookie is made of cookie making machine. The dough is mixed by dough mixer. In homemade way, there are some difference. Let’s see the notices that may affect the quality of cookie dough.

The ductility of the cookie dough determines the extent to which the biscuit stretches during the baking process. Cookie dough with better ductility is easier to expand and expand during baking, and cookie dough with less ductility is easier to maintain its original shape during baking. Knowing this, what we have to do is simple: reducing the ductility of cookie dough will ensure that the cookie pattern does not disappear when baking. 

Factors affecting ductility of cookie dough

1. Beat the butter. The higher the butter spread, the better the ductility of the dough. You read it right. Therefore, thoroughly passing the butter can only make the cookie dough develop in a direction that the pattern disappears faster. Many people report that the pattern does disappear easily after I desperately beat the butter.

2. The strength of the flour. The higher the flour strength, the less ductile the dough is. Therefore, cookies made with high-gluten flour are easier to keep the pattern clear.

3. The moisture content of the dough. The higher the water content, the better the ductility. So look at your cookie dough. Is it dry or wet? Too moist dough pattern will disappear, too dry dough to squeeze pattern will be very difficult, both are not desirable.

4. Baking temperature. The higher the temperature, the worse the ductility. Therefore, cookies are generally best baked at 190-200 degrees, and the temperature should not be too low.

The role of powdered sugar in cookie flour

Sugar plays an important role in cookies: its properties are very special. The thicker the sugar, the more it can increase the ductility of the dough. On the contrary, the finer the sugar, the more it can reduce the ductility of the dough. When we saw a cookie recipe, many conditions were already established. Therefore, the use of sugar directly determines the ductility of the dough. Cookies with powdered sugar alone are too malleable and the cookies will not be crispy enough. But cookies without powdered sugar are too ductile and the pattern is not easy to shape.

At this time, if you don’t pay attention to this little powdered sugar, then the pattern on your cookie will slowly disappear. Use fine granulated sugar or powdered sugar that is not fine enough. For example, many people use their home grinders to granulate sugar into powdered sugar, which will make the pattern on the cookie unclear. 

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