Horizontal dough mixer machine in Philippines

A horizontal dough mixer machine is the main equipment for pasta processing. Many countries such as the Philippines, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and so on, like this machine a lot. It is a machine that stirs and kneads flour and other mixtures into the dough. This is an important machine in bakery machines.

The horizontal dough mixer machine mainly mixes wheat flour with water at a ratio of 1: 0.38-0.45 according to the user’s processing technology requirements to make the dough. Sometimes adding edible oil, sugar, and other food and food additives. A horizontal dough mixer machine is widely used in the processing of pasta in canteens, restaurants, and pasta processing plants. It is an ideal device to replace manual work, reduce labor intensity, and meet people’s dietary hygiene requirements. Besides, the dough mixer is also available to mix other similar materials. 

How does a horizontal dough mixer machine work?

The dough mixer mixes the flour evenly with water. First, the mixture of flour and water first forms irregular small particles in a colloidal state. Then, the small particles adhere to each other, gradually forming some scattered large clumps. With the horizontal dough mixer machine continuously cutting, folding, rolling, stretching and kneading the dough, and finally making an ideal dough with a smooth surface, a certain elasticity, toughness and extension. 

Horizontal dough mixer machine in Philippines

The Philippines is located in Southeast Asia and consists of several islands. Although the agriculture of the Philippines occupies a very important position in the national economy, due to the special position of the Philippines, the food in the Philippines such as rice, wheat and corn is mainly dependent on imports. In 2000, the Philippines imported USD 2.77 billion in agricultural products. The main products are cereals, condiments, dairy products, animal feed, tobacco, meat and meat products, fruits and vegetables.

The Philippines is a country with a shortage of agricultural products. Foreign trade is of great significance to the domestic supply and demand balance of agricultural products in the Philippines. There are many kinds of imported agricultural products in the Philippines, but they are mainly food, milk, feed, meat, vegetables and fruits, and the import value accounts for over 60%. The Philippines is an emerging industrial country and one of the world’s emerging markets, with increasing interest in emerging foods. Food imports exceed $ 4.5 billion, of which 60% is the food additive processing industry.

The food baking industry is also one of the emerging industries in the Philippines. In recent years, the Philippines has imported a lot of food processing equipment. A horizontal dough mixer machine is also one of the hot products imported by the Philippines. According to the data for three months, we have exported more than 10 dough mixer machines to the Philippines.

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