Cream Biscuit Machine Sold to the UK

cream biscuit machine

A letter of thanks from a British customer after our cream biscuit machine had been running for a year in the British factory. Below, let’s learn the details of this successful cooperation.

Expansion of Private-label Products

The British customer runs a chain of more than a dozen supermarkets. To attract customers, British customers in recent years created a supermarket private label goods, these goods are relatively fresh, and relatively low price, to the British customers brought a lot of repeat customers.

British customers are also constantly expanding their brand of goods, looking at the sandwich cookies in their supermarket sales are not bad, the British customers decided to buy a sandwich cookie machine, the production of different flavors of sandwich cookies, to get more customers.

Solutions for the UK Customer

The British customer contacted us immediately after learning about our sandwich cookie machine on the internet. Three days later, the customer came to our factory with his supermarket’s cookie sales in recent years and the supermarket manager’s analysis of the cookie market data. The British customer wanted a cookie machine that could adjust the shape of the cookies and create different patterns.

We customized the cookie machine for the British customer according to his needs, and our factory helped the British customer to make the machine as fast as possible, After receiving the machine, the British customer was very satisfied and started production the next day.

Thank You Letter from the UK Customer

Last Friday, we received a letter of thanks from a UK customer. The British customer was very happy, he said, “This sandwich cookie machine is just as I expected, this year, repeat customers have increased a lot, our brand of sandwich cookies harvested a large number of children and the elderly love, many customers go to the supermarket shopping just to go to this cookie. Thank you very much and we look forward to more cooperation in the future.

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