Sandwich biscuit making machine

Sandwich biscuit making machine is a machine which can add filling between two pieces of biscuit. It spreads the sandwich on the lower layer of biscuits, then covers the upper layer of biscuits, and gently compacts to form the sandwich biscuits. The sandwich biscuit making machine mainly consists of sandwich pump, filling machine and dividing equipment. This machine can connect with biscuit forming machine to use together. The main parts of the machine are SUS304 stainless steel. Because of the high degree of automation and good working effect, the machine is favored by the majority of consumers. This machine is suitable for biscuits of various specifications such as long, square and round. It can be custom made two-color, single-color or double-layer sandwich cake. It is beautiful and neat, with high production efficiency, safety and hygiene, and is the most ideal equipment for producing high and medium grade sandwich biscuits.

Structure description

Sandwich pump

This is the equipment which transfer the sandwich into the filling machine. It mainly consists of sandwich storage tank, mixing motor and sandwich pump. The sandwich storage tank stores the filling. The mixing motor drives the stirring blades to blend the sandwich. Finally the sandwich pump pushes the sandwich into the pipe which delivers sandwich.

Filling machine 

The filling machine gently squeezes the sandwich over the biscuits and lightly press two cookies. This part is all made of stainless steel.

Dividing equipment

    It arranges the sandwiched biscuits into a certain number of rows according to the rules. The dividing equipment mainly consists of split transmission chain drive and star wheel drive.

Main features of sandwich biscuit making machine

1. The main parts of the whole machine are SUS304 stainless steel, which meets sanitary standards.

2. It adopts color touch screen control, which is simple and accurate to use.

3. High-precision intelligent PLC control, stable and reliable performance.

4. The electric control can adjust the thickness of the sandwich for more accurate positioning.

5. The sandwich biscuit machine has an automatic stacking function, which can be selected in various ways to meet customer requirements.

6. The mechanical design is more flexible, each link can be operated independently, and the operation is more convenient.


1.How many layers can this machine process?

We accept customization, so multi-layer is all available.

2.What’s the material of this equipment?

The main parts are all made of SUS304 stainless steel. Other parts like machine shelf, is made of carbon steel.

3.How many workers can operate this machine?

With skill, one person can operate this machine.


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