Cookie production line delivered to Canada

The cookie production line is to make all kinds of cookies, the cookies are crispy after baking, soft and chewy, loved by many people.
There are many different style cookies, such as green tea flavor, milk flavor, chocolate flavor, butter flavor, peanut butter flavor, walnut flavor or dried fruit flavor, and so on.

Cookies usually come from large-scale automated production in the factory, or mass production by small bakeries or a small amount of home-made.

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What machines are included in the production line?

1.Grinding machine. Grind the millet into millet podwer with small fitness.

2.Dough mixing machine. Pour the wheat flour,millet powder,milk powder,salt,sugar powder,vegetable oil,butter,egg,etc. into the mixing machine to form into dough.

3.Cookie forming machine. You can use the machine to forming different shape cookies.

4.Cookie Oven. Place the cookies into trays,then put it into the oven with 5-10minute.The cookies production is finished.

5.Packaging machine. Pack cookies with packaging machine for easy transportation and sale.

cookie forming machine delivery

Details about the Canada cookie production line

The customer company is engaged in the import business of electric vehicles, but due to the epidemic, he had to change the business. Now he wants to open a biscuit factory to process cookies, mainly for small shops, but he has no specific plans.

We first confirm the basic needs such as output and finished products, and then send him some product pictures. Finally, he determined a few finished products. We developed a plan for him according to his needs and made a quotation.

After checking the quotation, he adds Cookie Biscuit Making Machine (flower shape cookies) and several extrusion heads and trays. And quickly confirmed all the machines he wanted, but the bank there doesn’t work. We suggest that he can pay the deposit by credit card. He agreed and the next day he pays the deposit.

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If you also want to produce the cookies by massive production, you can send us an inquiry, we can supply you professional suggestions and help you build up your business.

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