Commercial Oven Sold to Singapore

commercial oven

Feedback from a customer in Singapore: “What a great commercial oven from your Machine Works! The cookies made with this machine are selling very well and we look forward to more cooperation in the future.” Let’s take a look at the details of this cooperation.

The Singapore Customer Follows Trends

The Singaporean customer runs a pastry store. Through a study of the pastry market research, the Singaporean customer found that the sales of cookies in most pastry stores are now increasing and innovative flavors of cookies are more popular. To capitalize on this opportunity, the Singaporean customer decided to purchase a commercial oven to process more cookies.

Reasons Why the Singapore Customer Choose Us

The Singaporean customer paid attention to us while browsing the corporate website. The Singaporean customer compared 4 factory direct sale oven websites and finally chose to contact us. Singapore customer told us that he saw our machine design is simple and generous, the material is SUS304, and can use natural gas for energy supply, immediately decided to choose our machinery factory.

How do We Stay in Manufacturing for the Long Haul?

Through this case, we deeply realize that product quality and suitability are important to both manufacturers and customers. In future development, we should guard the product quality and at the same time continue to innovate, design, and manufacture more machines that meet people’s needs.

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