Precautions for making biscuits

Biscuits are a favorite snack for many people. Do you know the process of making cookies? Are you interested in learning about some small knocks in the process of making cookies?

Sieve flour

The most commonly used raw material for making biscuits is bottom-gluten flour. Flour has strong hygroscopicity. It will absorb moisture in the air and cause agglomeration when placed for a long time. The sieve can remove the agglomeration, making the flour fluffy and easier to follow Mix other materials uniformly. When sieving, mix all the powders evenly before sieving. As long as the mixture is uniform and there is no dry powder, it is fine.

The oven must be preheated

The larger the volume of the oven, the longer the preheating time required, ranging from about 5-10 minutes. Before baking in the oven, the temperature knob must be adjusted to the required temperature in advance, and the switch must be turned on for a period of time so that the product can reach the required temperature when it enters the oven. Preheating the oven can quickly set the shape of the biscuit dough and maintain a better taste. The larger the volume of the oven, the longer the preheating time required, ranging from about 5-10 minutes.

The ingredients return to room temperature ahead of time

Many baking materials are stored in the refrigerator, but the temperature is too low is not conducive to the mixing and absorption of different materials, so the materials should be taken out of the refrigerator in advance to soften or warm up at room temperature. A lot of puffy biscuit butter is the main ingredient, and the butter needs to be beaten during operation, that is, whipped. The purpose of whipping is to make the butter soft, smooth, and air-filled so that the biscuits will have a crispy taste that melts in the mouth. So it must be in place when whipping

Add a small amount of egg liquid multiple times without separation of oil and water

Some materials are better mixed with other materials in small amounts and multiple times. For example, after the butter and sugar are mixed and fluffed, the eggs need to be broken into egg liquid and then added 2-4 times, and each time it is added, the egg liquid must be fully absorbed by the butter before adding the next time. Because an egg contains about 74% of water, if all the egg liquid is poured into the cream paste at one time, the oil and water will not be combined easily, which will easily cause oil and water separation, and it will be very difficult to mix and mix. The ingredients must be added in stages to make the finished product taste more delicate and delicious.

The discharge has intervals and does not stick

Many biscuits will swell up after baking, Pay attention to the middle distance during baking, and avoid squeezing each other. At the same time, leaving a gap can make the baking temperature more uniform. If it is too dense, the baking time will be longer and the baking effect will also be affected. Uniform size, appearance, and taste are excellent. In the production of biscuits, try to make each biscuit more uniform in thickness and size, so that it will be cooked at the same time when baking. Thickness is more important than size, the thinner the biscuit The easier it is to overheat.

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