Cookie extruder machine price

cookie extruder machine

When making cookies, cookie extruder machine is a very important equipment. The structure of the cookie maker is very simple. It extrudes the dough in the hopper through a mold and forms it. We have different molds for customers to choose from. By changing different molds, the cookie extruder machine can make different patterns’ cookie.

How to buy biscuits, what is the cookie extruder machine price?. let me introduce this machine for you below.

Cookie extruder machine advantages

1. The cookie maker has a variety of molds, so it can produce multiple patterns cookie by changing molds with one cookie making machine.

2. The final formed cookies made by the cookie maker have clear lines and beautiful appearance.

3. The biscuit machine adopts an LPG display screen operation and has computer memory function. So the machine operation is very simple.

4. The biscuit forming machine can form a production line with the dough mixer, oven, and packaging machine to expand production output.

cookie making machine
cookie making machine

Cookie Maker Mould

In order to meet the production requirements of different customers, we supply a variety of extruding models. And we can customize molds according to customer requirements. So you can choose a molding host and several molding patterns. This is a very suitable machine for small biscuit manufacturers, which greatly save the manufacturer’s production costs.

Cookie extruder machine price

Because this cookie making machine has different models, and some customers may also need several molds and other related machines. So we need to talk with customers and determine cookie machine models and the details of other machines. Then we will supply the cookie extruder machine price. We will provide you with machines at a very competitive price.

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