Biscuit packing machine operator job

Packing machine is a machine widely used in various industries. Especially in the food processing industry, the last step in almost all food processing processes is packaging. Food packing machine includes many different types. Such as vertical packing machine, pillow packing machine, vacuum packing machine, etc. In biscuit production line, pillow packing machine is the most used machine. This machine not only guarantees the packaging quality, but also greatly improves the work efficiency. And it saves labor costs, and contributes a lot to the automation of the production line. As a professional biscuit production machine manufacturer, we can provide high quality of pillow packing machine to you.

Of course, there must be some operational procedures that customers need to learn when using the machine after purchasing it. This includes some safe use methods and some operations that are conducive to long-term stable work of the machine. Read on this article to see the biscuit packing machine operator’s job.

Reasonable use of packing machine

Reasonable installation and operation of equipment is a prerequisite to ensure the stable operation of packaging machine equipment. Some experts point out that during the work of packaging equipment, reasonable installation and operation must be brought to an important position. Because some places are easily overlooked by the operator. The equipment will fail or even face the risk of downtime if the operation is not performed properly. Therefore, great attention needs to be paid to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment. 


  1. Insert the machine wire plug into the AC power socket, turn on the machine circuit system, and connect the whole machine circuit. 
  2. The bakelite mold should be placed on the mold table. The wires on the bakelite mold are connected with the bakelite mold terminals in the middle of the machine mold table.
  3. Turn on the cooling switch. Then turn on the cooling time control circuit. Adjust the button when setting the cooling time, and select the platen cold pressing time.
  4. The user can choose the appropriate heating current gear according to the actual packaging situation.
  5. The device for sealing and cutting film is a high-temperature component. Therefore, during the production of the packaging machine, the operator must not touch the hot sealing wheel, mold sealing and moving parts at will to prevent burns. 
  6. It is forbidden to stretch your hair, gloves and clothing into the moving parts of the pillow packing machine. So as to avoid being caught and accidents. 
  7. Do a good job of heat dissipation and ventilation. Do not place packaging equipment in high temperature, humidity, or messy use. This will not only prevent the components from being damaged quickly and the product from being contaminated, but also prevent the equipment performance and service life from being affected. 
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